Of course it can happen that you previously created products that you no longer offer. In case you would like to remove these from the product overview, it is possible to archive them.

Products in your eCurring account are never deleted, only archived. The same goes for subscriptions, customers and transactions. This way all data will still be connected correctly for administrations purposes and can be retrieved in case it is ever necessary.

Please note: Only products that have either no connected subscriptions, or all cancelled subscriptions, can be archived. So be sure to check the subscription overview to see the statuses and edit them if necessary.

Archiving a product can be done in the following way:

  1. Go to 'Products' in the menu
  2. Click on the product you want to archive
  3. Click on 'Options' and select 'Archive'

If the 'Archive'-button is non-clickable, this means that there still were subscriptions detected that have not been cancelled.

What happens to the archived products?

Archived products are hidden from your lists, but they can still be viewed.

  1. Go to 'Products' in the menu
  2. Check the box for 'Show only archived products'
  3. Click 'Search' to apply the checked box
  4. View or edit the product as usual

These actions can also be used to find archived subscriptions, customers and transactions.

How can I retrieve archived products?

If you want to reuse previously archived products it is possible to take them out of the archive again. To do this, go to the archived product by following above steps and do the same as for archiving: via 'Options' click on 'Unarchive'. The product can now actively be used again.

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