Sometimes, it can happen that for whatever reason it's necessary to (partially) refund a customer an amount they've paid through eCurring. This is now possible to process through eCurring!

Initiate the refund

Whenever a transaction has reached the paid status, you'll have the option to initiate a refund on it. Just navigate to the Transaction Details and find 'Refund Transaction' under Options at the top right of your screen:

A popup will open that allows you to adjust the amount to be refunded and to add a custom description.

Some important things to know about these two fields:

This amount cannot be lower than €0,99 and can never exceed the total amount of the transaction. By default, the total amount will be shown in the field, but you can always adjust it to a lower amount.
Please note: Even when you process multiple refunds on one transaction, the maximum amount that can be refunded is still the amount of that transaction that hasn't been refunded yet.

The description will not only show up in the transaction details in Mollie, but is also used on the bank statement of the customer. By default, this is left empty which means the bank statement will state the product name. However, you are welcome to add a custom text, explaining in more detail what and why you are initiating the refund.

Processing the refund

Once you've saved the refund, you'll get a confirmation message at the top letting you know the refund has been initiated at Mollie Payments. In most cases, the refund will be processed within a matter of seconds, but if your Mollie account balance is below zero, the refund won't be processed until the balance is topped up.
Once the refund is processed by Mollie (meaning it's pending or completed), you'll see it show up in the history of the transaction.

The transaction history will always show the total amount refunded / total amount of the transaction. Next to that, once a transaction has at least 1 refund, you'll see the amount remaining to be refunded in the General details as well.

Once the transaction has at least 1 refund (partial or full amount) the status of the transaction will move to 'Refunded'. However, the invoice won't be automatically updated. In case of a refund, it's best to create a (partial) credit invoice.

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