A requirement for creating a manual invoice is having an active subscription on the customer. To be able to process any transaction, you'll need to have an accepted mandate, hence the active subscription.

Once that's done, you can navigate to the subscription and at the 'Invoices' section, you'll find an option for 'New draft invoice'.

Invoice lines

On this page, you can create one or multiple invoice lines. Per invoice line, there are multiple fields to enter data into.


The product name is the description of the invoice line. For example, this is the name of the purchased product or service.


Under quantity, you can decide the amount of times the product was purchased. For example, if the customer needs to be charged for 3 of the same purchased products, you can use one invoice line with a quantity of three.


The VAT percentage that should apply on the invoice line. Per invoice line, there can be a different VAT percentage.

Price (Excl. VAT)

The price of the product, per unit and excluding VAT. The price will be multiplied with the quantity, and the price including VAT will be shown at the totals below all invoice lines.

Invoice & transaction date

Next to invoice lines, there are also two dates to enter, the invoice date and the transaction date.

Invoice date

The invoice date will decide when the invoice will move from status draft (in which you can still edit the invoice) to status open. Once it's open, the invoice can be downloaded and sent by email to your customers. This also means the invoice can no longer be edited or deleted.

Transaction date

On the transaction date, a transaction will be processed for the invoice. Since a transaction will only be created once the invoice is final, the transaction date can never occur before the invoice date. 

If you enter only one of the two dates, the empty date will be automatically filled with the other date. So for example, if you set the invoice date on today but leave the transaction date empty, the transaction date will also be set to today. This means entering both dates is only necessary when you want the invoice to be created earlier than the transaction taking place.

If you leave both dates empty (or the dates are in the future), the invoice will remain in draft status and can therefore still be edited.

Once you've entered in all fields, you can save the invoice. If no dates were entered, the invoice will remain in draft status. You can still edit or delete the invoice. You can always choose to make the invoice final manually by clicking that option in the top right of the screen. 

What happens when an invoice becomes final?

There are a few things that will happen when an invoice is finalised:

  • The status of the invoice will be changed from 'draft' to 'open'
  • The invoice will receive an invoice number
  • The invoice can be emailed manually (or is sent automatically if this setting is enabled in the product)
  • The invoice can be downloaded as PDF
  • A transaction will be scheduled on the chosen transaction date. If no date was entered, the transaction is scheduled for today.
  • The invoice (lines) can no longer be adjusted, nor can the invoice be deleted anymor
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