With the arrival of flexible invoicing, eCurring has now made it possible to create invoices yourself, either through the interface or the API. This will allow you to create invoices with multiple invoice lines, process one-off payments and enable variable pricing through the interface. You choose the date when the total amount of the invoice should be automatically processed by eCurring.

Creating a draft invoice manually

You can create manual (draft) invoices for any active subscription. Manual invoices can be used when you have variable pricing each month, if you want to specify multiple products on one invoice or when a customer needs to be charged for an extra payment, apart from their usual subscription payments.

Learn more on how to create a draft invoice manually.

Creating a (draft) invoice through the API

It's also possible to create (draft) invoices through the API. If your business has variable pricing and multiple products or services are purchased (or need to be specified on the invoice) each period, you can use our Invoice API to add invoice lines to a single invoice. Only once an invoice date is chosen and reached will the invoice become definite and a single transaction will be scheduled for the total costs of the invoice. 

Learn more about the Invoice API

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