After you've connected a WooCommerce product to an eCurring product and you've published it, the product will appear in your webshop. To sign up for this product, your customer will walk through the following steps:

1. The customer navigates to your online shop on WooCommerce

2. At products connected to eCurring, they will see a button with 'Subscribe'

3. The customer clicks 'Subscribe'

4. The customer will be redirected to checkout so they can enter their details

Important: during this process, the customer will only pay for for the chosen eCurring product. All items in the cart will be saved for later, but only the current product is charged. All other items can be paid afterwards through the cart.

5. The customer accepts the SEPA or credit card mandate and clicks on 'Place order'

6. The customer pays this order right away

For example with iDEAL, credit card, Bancontact, etc. (make sure to enable these payment methods in eCurring)

7. The order is placed!  

Within 10 minutes after the payment is done, the order status will update to 'Processing'. Recurring orders will automatically appear in the future, once they are processed in eCurring. 

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