The 'First' order

Once a customer has placed the order in the checkout, an order is created in WooCommerce with the status 'Pending payment'. At the same time, a customer and connected subscription will be created in your eCurring account.
Important: changes made in customer details in eCurring will not be updated in WooCommerce. 

The status of this subscription in eCurring will be set to 'not verified' until the payment is completed. After the payment is done, the status of the subscription will automatically be updated to 'active' and future transactions are scheduled. 

The status of the WooCommerce order will be updated to 'Processing'. This will happen within 10 minutes after the payment is completed. This means the order is ready to be processed! This payment cannot be charged back anymore, unless it is a credit card payment. 

Automatic repeat orders

In eCurring, you can find all scheduled transactions for an active subscription. To view this, go to 'Subscriptions' in the menu, search for the subscription you're looking for and go to the Details page. All transactions have a process date and until that date is reached, the status will be 'Scheduled'.

Once the process date is reached, the status of the transaction will be updated to 'Pending'. This means the transaction is sent to the bank. At that moment, a repeat order will be created in your WooCommerce environment with the status 'Pending payment'. The order status will automatically be updated the moment the transaction status gets updated.

Once the transaction gets the status 'Paid' in eCurring, the order status will be updated to 'Processing', which means the order is ready to be processed. However, we advise you to wait a few more days before shipping the order to the customer. This is because the bank can reverse the SEPA direct debit within 5 days after processing. The consumer has 56 days to charge back the payment after the collection date. 

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