There are various reasons why a transaction can fail. In eCurring, you can decide per product if these failed transactions should automatically be followed up with another attempt or payment reminder.

When a transaction in eCurring fails, the status of the transaction will be updated. For each status update for a transaction in eCurring, the status of the connected order in WooCommerce will be updated as well.

This is the mapping of the eCurring transaction statuses and which WooCommerce order statuses connect to that:

Please note! The order status 'Processing' can still be change to 'Payment reminder sent' or 'Failed'. For example, the transaction can first succeed, then be charged back by the customer, a payment reminder is sent and this is not paid. In that case, the order status will go like this:

'Pending payment' > 'Processing' > 'Retrying payment at eCurring' > 'Failed' 

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