Within a few simple steps you can activate the eCurring plugin in your WooCommerce dashboard:

1. Back up your WordPress website

This is always smart when activating a new plugin.

2. In the menu, go to 'Plugins'

3. Click on ‘add new’

4. Search for 'eCurring' and click 'Install Now'

5. Go to ‘eCurring settings’

In the menu, go to 'Plugins' and click on 'eCurring settings'. 

6. Enable the 'eCurring' method and click on 'Manage'

Enable eCurring as a payment method by moving the toggle to the right. Subsequently, click on 'Manage'.

7. Add your eCurring API key

Add the eCurring API key from your account. You can find this in your eCurring account through Settings > My Account > API. After doing this, save the changes.

8. Activate the logs

WordPress is a very dynamic and extensive platform. It can happen that other plugins cause issues for the eCurring plugin. To be able to help you more quickly, we ask you to activate the logs so we can fix any issues that might occur more easily and quickly for you.


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