Within your WooCommerce shop, connecting eCurring products to WooCommerce products is easy! 

The price of eCurring- and WooCommerce products are not synchronised, so it's important you use the same price in WooCommerce as you've used in eCurring. 

Is there a shipping fee? In this case, you'll need to calculate that fee into the eCurring product price. The amount chosen in the eCurring product is the one that your customers will be charged when checking out.

This is how you connect an eCurring product to WooCommerce:

  1. In the WooCommerce dashboard, go to 'Products'
  2. Create a new product
  3. Head to the section 'eCurring'
  4. Select the product from eCurring you want to connect. Please note! You can only select eCurring products that have the mandate type 'Online payment (first term)'.
  5. Add all the other necessary details in the WooCommerce product
  6. Publish the product as soon as you're ready

step 2: Create a new product in WooCommerce

Step 3: Select an eCurring product

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