When you assign a product to a customer, a subscription is created. This subscription has a start date and from that date, transactions will be scheduled for it based on the chosen payment rules. This will keep going until the end of the payment rules are met, or the subscription is cancelled.

However, it's possible that during that period the customer wants to either upgrade or downgrade their subscription. If you allow this, you have the option to switch their subscription from one to another. 

When you switch out the subscriptions, the "switch date" is very important. From that date, all transactions connected to the old subscription will be cancelled, while all transactions connected to the new subscription will be scheduled.
Let's look at an example:

Say your customer has a Coaching Package where he receives coaching once a week, but he would like to upgrade this to twice a week.
Both the 'once a week' and 'twice a week' subscriptions have a monthly transaction on the first of the month.
If you switch the subscription on the 15th of the month, this will mean that the transaction processed on the first of that month (from the old subscription) has already passed. The first transaction that will take place is for the new subscription, on the first of the next month. eCurring does not take into account the period in between the switch and the next transaction, meaning the customer will not be charged extra for the fact they had two weeks 'less' in the old subscription and two weeks more in the new one. Therefore we recommend to set the switch on date close to/on the process date. 

How to switch subscriptions in the interface

When you want to switch a subscription, you can do this in the interface.

  1. In the menu, go to 'Subscriptions'
  2. Look for the subscription you want to switch
  3. Click on it to get to the details page
  4. Under options (top right), click on 'Switch subscription'
  5. Choose the new product in the dropdown
  6. Choose a switch date or leave it on 'immediately'
  7. Save the change

The old subscription will now get an end date, either on today (when 'immediately' was chosen) or in the future. On that date, the old subscription will be cancelled and all future transactions are removed. Please note: If a transaction was scheduled before the end date, this will still be processed.
The new subscription will become active on the start date and transactions will occur for that product from that point on. 

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