To answer this question, it's important to know the difference between the core business of Mollie and of eCurring.

eCurring is a software platform that allows you as a business to decide when your customers are charged, for how much and how many times a period. It also helps you manage your subscriptions, gives you insights in your income and gives you the opportunity to automatically follow up on failed payments. 

Mollie Payments is in charge of the actual payments piece. eCurring sends the details to Mollie at the chosen time, but Mollie takes care of the actual charging of the customers' bank account, a crucial part of course.

Because eCurring is a partner and daughter company of Mollie Payments, we use Mollie as our sole Payment Service Provider to take care of the payment part. Since they are two separate systems, you will need two accounts. However, the accounts are connected so it's for example not necessary to import your customers twice and we make sure all necessary information about your transactions can be found in one system: eCurring. 

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