With eCurring's API you can integrate the recurring payments and subscription management with existing workflows & systems in your organisation.
All documentation of the API can be found on docs.ecurring.com.

Through the API, you can build a subscription form on your website. Your customers can sign up to one or more of your products. You can choose to arrange the mandate management yourself, or you can have your customers issue their mandate through eCurring.

Once the subscription is activated, eCurring will make sure the payments are processed every period. Via webhooks you can capture status updates from subscriptions and transactions. Subsequently, based on this information you can call upon existing workflows of your organisation (like blocking access to non-paying customers or sending out log in details after signup).

An example of a common workflow that is used:

  1. In eCurring: Create a product in your account. In this, you enable all of eCurring's payment logic (frequency, amount, sending invoices, payment methods, follow ups etc.)
  2. Through API: Add a customer
  3. Through API: Create a subscription (you can choose if the mandate has already been accepted. If not, eCurring will start the mandate process, in the way it's chosen in the product)
  4. By eCurring: All transactions are scheduled once the status of the subscription reaches 'active' (this happens when the mandate is issued)
  5. By eCurring: All payments will be processed in the way indicated in the product
  6. Webhooks: Capture this to immediately process changes in transaction or subscription status
  7. Through API: Update a subscription through the API. You can pause a subscription (including resume date) or cancel it (including a future end date)

The full documentation of the eCurring API can be found on:

Would you like more information about the API or you want to get in contact with one of our API developers? Send us an email at support@ecurring.com.

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