Within eCurring, an invoice is generated for each transaction. You can choose to have this invoice automatically emailed to your customers or you can manually download or send particular invoices at any time.

These invoices are for a big part customisable. You can do this by going to Settings > My Account, and click on the tab 'Invoice settings'.


Here you can choose to have every invoice that's emailed to your customers to be sent to an email address of choice as well. You can add multiple addresses here, for example of your financial department as well as your accountant.

Invoice styling

First of all, you can decide here what kind of prefix should be used before the invoice number. By default, an abbreviation of your company name is used, but you can adjust it to any (short) sequence you'd like.

Next to that, you can decide the colours of the texts and background of the invoice. Once you save the changes and navigate to the tab again, you'll see the changes reflected on the example invoice.

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