eCurring works together with Mollie Payments, a Payments Service Provider. They are responsible for the actual processing of the payments. To make sure you can receive payments from Mollie Payments, it's important that account is completely activated. As long as the Mollie account isn't fully activated, Mollie cannot do any payouts on your bank account.

When you've just gotten started with eCurring and created a Mollie account during signup, you will see a red notification bar at the top of your eCurring dashboard, stating your Mollie account needs to be activated.

Click on this link to be redirected to your Mollie account.
Here, you'll have to walk through a couple of steps. The first step is about organisation details. Make sure to fill out your registration number. You can also find the user agreement here, which is the same for eCurring. 

In the next step, you will need to fill out your stakeholders. Are you the (sole) beneficiary of your business? Then you can enter your own personal details. If you are not, make sure to use the details of your boss/contractor. 

Next to that, it's important to indicate if the legal representative is politically exposed (this is important for the risk analysis) and if they are also the Ultimate beneficial owner (UBO). If not, you will need to add them. 

The next step is very important, because you will choose your payment methods here. Before that, you will need to give information about your website and the types of products and/or services you provide. 

This information is used by Mollie to perform a risk analysis. It's therefore very important this information is entered truthfully and clearly. 

When you want to use eCurring, it's necessary to select SEPA direct debit as a payment method. Next to that, it can come in handy to enable iDEAL payments, so your customers can issue a mandate through a verification payment, first term payment or when they have an outstanding invoice and receive a payment reminder with a payment link to iDEAL. 

That is why we recommend to (at least) enable iDEAL and SEPA direct debit.

After this step, the basics of activation are done. However, if you want to be able to actually receive payments from Mollie, you'll need to complete three more steps.

First of all, you'll need to confirm your organisation registration. You can do this by uploading a document that confirms you've registered your organisation in the country of residence. The document should not be older than 6 months.

After having done this, you'll need to confirm your identity. You can do this by uploading a copy of either your passport, ID card or residence permit. Please note: the copy should be from the legal representative. If this is not you, you'll have to get a copy of their identification document. 

The final step is performing a verification payment from your bank account. This should be the business bank account upon which you want to receive the payouts from Mollie Payments. You can choose to either perform a 1 cent payment through iDEAL or do a manual transfer. We advise to do the iDEAL payment when possible, since this will result in instant verification.

Once this payment is completed, your Mollie account will be fully activated. It is now immediately possible to create transactions. However, the payout of those transactions will happen only once Mollie has checked and approved your website and organisation details. This is typically done within a few (work) days. You won't have to wait on this to get started though, you can start using eCurring right away!

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