When a payment fails the first time around, you can choose to automatically retry the transaction up to two times. This is a setting that can be enabled in each product. This can be a very effective way to get the invoice paid after failure in cases of insufficient funds, since the chances are high the customer might have enough money on their bank account a few days later.

However, for some types of failed payments, it's no use to create and process a new transaction, for example when the bank account has been closed.

For the following reason (codes), eCurring can automatically retry the transaction and will schedule it for 3 days after the failed status becomes known:

  • AM04: Insufficient funds
  • MS03: Other reason (reason unknown)

If the reason code is one of the below, eCurring will not plan a new transaction. However, you do have the option to send out a payment reminder. If a payment is rejected because of one of the below reason codes and payment reminders are enabled, the customer will immediately receive their first reminder.

  • MD01: No Valid Mandate
  • MD06: Return of funds requested by end customer
  • MD07: End Customer Deceased
  • MS02: Refusal by the Debtor (Reason has not been specified)
  • SL01: Specific Service offered by debtor bank
  • AC01: Account identifier incorrect (i.e. invalid IBAN)
  • AC04: Closed Account Number
  • AC06: Account blocked / Account blocked for Direct Debit by the Debtor
  • AG02: Incorrect information
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