A SEPA direct debit transaction can be charged back by a customer until 8 weeks (56 days) after the collection date. With most banks, this is very easily done through the online environment and without having to give a reason. The reason for chargebacks can therefore be hard to trace.

When you receive a chargeback through eCurring, we will update the status of the transaction accordingly one day after the chargeback occurs. In this case, we charge a chargeback fee of €7,50. These costs are in addition to the initial transaction costs. 

Of course a chargeback can take place because the product has not been delivered or there is a disagreement between you and the customer. In those cases, a chargeback is hard to prevent.
Clear communication about the transaction or order is vital to prevent the customer from not recognising the transaction on the bank statement. Because of that, eCurring gives you the option to automatically send out the invoice per email before each collection. We also make sure to clearly describe what the charge is for on the bank statement of the customer. 

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