As a company or organisation, you can quickly create a stable cash flow with recurring payments. Every sale you make will automatically return the following period. This gives you a predictable and stable cash flow.

Despite the fact that the results are very positive for organisations, it can be quite a challenge to collect this money every period. You can do this by sending an invoice manually or automatically to each customer. You quickly lose a lot of time with this if you have to do this every month, especially as you get more customers.

The biggest challenge of this process is to follow up on unpaid invoices. How do you deal with that? Every period you have to check per customer if the amount has been transferred. As you get more customers, this process will not only take a lot of time, it will also stagnate your cash flow because invoices are not paid quickly enough.

With eCurring, any type of organisation can easily automate this process; without extra work from you, the amounts are collected every period. Optionally, an invoice is sent and unpaid invoices are automatically followed up to 6 times.

We see that our smart follow-up reduces the number of unpaid invoices by an average of 40%. Without doing extra work, you get more and faster paid invoices.

Our vision and goal is that organisations should spend as little time as possible on the administrative part of their recurring payments and managing their subscription portfolio. You can invest these resources much better in expanding your business!

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