For every product, you can decide if a failed transaction should be automatically followed up with 1 or even 2 new attempts. If the payment is still not fulfilled after that, you can also choose to send out up to 3 payment reminders by email. In these emails the customer is asked kindly but urgently to fulfil the outstanding amount through the attached payment link.

It can happen that even after all automatic follow up attempts and payment reminders, the payment is still not fulfilled. In such a case, it's best to contact the customer personally. If you succeed in this, it's smart to send the payment reminder once more, in order to give the customer the opportunity again to immediately settle the outstanding amount.

Where can I find this option?

The option can be found in the transaction details. In the menu, go to 'Transactions' and search for the transaction you need. Go to the details and in the top right under options, choose "Resend payment reminder".

When can I manually resend a payment reminder?

When a transaction has the station 'Payment overdue', it's possible to (re)send the payment reminder manually.

What is the effect of sending this payment reminder?

The content and payment term in this reminder will be equal to the first payment reminder that was sent out. This means the customer is asked to settle the amount within 5 days. The transaction will, after the reminder is manually sent, move back to the status 'Payment reminder sent'. If it's not settled within the 5 days, it'll move back to 'Payment overdue' and it's again possible to resend the reminder.

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