In any product you can choose what should happen if a transaction were to fail. You can choose to have the direct debit be automatically retried up to two attempts, and after that you could even make enable the option to send up to 3 payment reminder emails. 

All these attempts are meant to let your customers pay, after the initial attempt. However, it could happen that somewhere during this process it's no longer necessary for the customer to settle this payment. Maybe they've already settled it manually or you've agreed to credit the invoice. In this case, it's desirable to manually stop the follow up process and avoid the customer from being charged again or getting unnecessary emails.

Where can I find this option?

All these options can be found in the transaction details. In the menu, go to 'Transactions' and search for the transaction you need. Go to the details and under options (in the top right corner) choose 'Stop transaction follow up'.

When can I stop the follow up of a transaction?

This can be done at any time from when a transaction is created until it's on either paid or payment overdue. However, it will not have any effect on currently running transactions, the running attempt will always be finished. A first attempt cannot be manually stopped and will always happen.

What is the effect of manually stopping the follow up?

Once the follow up is stopped, all future attempts will be cancelled. For example, if it's decided in a product that a failed transaction should be followed up twice and you stop the follow up during or after the first attempt, the two future attempts will be cancelled. If you've also enabled payment reminders for that product, these won't be sent out anymore either.

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