It can happen that a payment from a customer comes in through a different channel than eCurring. Maybe the customer wasn't aware of the direct debit and manually transferred the money. Or they paid off an outstanding invoice in cash at your facility. 

In those types of cases, it can come in handy to be able to manually adjust the invoice to the correct status. 

Where can I find this option?

The option to manually set an invoice to paid can be found in the invoice details. In the menu, go to 'Invoices' and search for the invoice you want to change. Go to the details and under options (in the top right), click on 'Set invoice to paid'. The status will immediately be updated.

When can I manually set an invoice to paid?

This can be done at any time, unless of course the invoice is already set to paid.

What is the effect of this action on the connected transaction?

This action is completely separate from the transaction and will only change the status of the invoice. This means that if any current or future transactions are still being processed for the connected transaction, they will still happen, but the result of this will not update the status of the invoice anymore. So the manual action is definite and will not be updated anymore in any case. To prevent double payments, it might be necessary to also manually stop the follow-up attempts of a transaction.

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