Failed transactions happen. This can have different causes. Per product, you can decide whether these transactions should be followed up with an automatic retry or not. Once the first transaction has failed, it can be retried automatically a maximum of two more times.

Based on the reason for failure, we will either attempt another retry or not. For example, when the customer had insufficient funds we will try again, but if the bank account is blocked for Direct Debit, there's no use for trying it again.

If the final attempt comes back as failed (whether those were 1, 2 or 3 attempts), you can decide to follow up with up to 3 payment reminders. The first email will be sent immediately after the final attempt has failed. If no payment is registered after 5 days, the second reminder is sent. Still no payment 3 days later? In that case we send out the third and final reminder to the customer.

Still no payment from the customer? In that case you can decide to contact the customer manually (for example by phone) or pass the case on to a debt collection agency.

Please note: For each initiated payment reminder trajectory (whether it needs 1, 2 or 3 emails) there is a fee of €0,75. 

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