When you choose to enable payment reminders for your product(s), there are multiple emails that possibly get sent out to your customers.
Below, you will find an overview of these emails.

First payment reminder

The first payment reminder is sent when the endstatus of the direct debit transaction is set to failed (a transaction status with a red dot). This is what that first payment reminder looks like:

Second payment reminder

When no payment has come in after 5 days of sending the first email, the second payment reminder gets sent. The payment link in the first email will remain valid, meaning the customers can use both emails to pay the outstanding transaction. The second reminder looks like this:

Third payment reminder

If after three more days the payment is still not fulfilled, a third and final reminder will be sent to the customer:

Payment page

In all three emails, there’s a button stating “Go to payment page”. This button will lead to the following page:

This page gives an overview of the payment and prompts the customer to pay. To pay the outstanding fee, the customer can choose from any of the payment methods enabled in your Mollie account.

Once a customer has successfully completed the payment, they will be redirected to the payment page. They can only perform the payment once, from that point on the link will redirect to a page that will state the payment is already completed.

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