Benefits of automatically suspending subscriptions

eCurring can automatically suspend a subscription when there are one or multiple invoices outstanding for it. An invoice reaches this status (charged back) as soon as all automatic attempts from eCurring are done. No transactions are processed for suspended subscriptions. The benefits of this are as follows: 

  • Prevent costs. If one invoice cannot be paid, there's a big chance the next invoice won't be paid either. By suspending the subscription you prevent future transaction- and chargeback costs. In this way, you allow yourself time to contact the customer and resolve the issue before new transactions are processed.
  • Automation through API: Are you using the eCurring API and have you connected this to your user accounts on your platform? If that's the case, all you need to do is 'listen' to the subscription status when enabling the suspension logic. By using the web hooks from subscriptions, you have the option to block the user account on your platform when the subscription reaches the status 'suspended'. You will receive another web hook once the subscription has less outstanding invoices than the chosen threshold. This is because the subscription status will automatically move back to 'active' when this happens. 
  • Insights into data: subscriptions that are behind on payments can easily be found through their new suspended status.
  • Prevent Mollie Payments from interfering: Mollie Payments guards the amount of chargebacks received on your account. They can choose to interfere when a customer keeps charging back and you keep attempting to charge this customer each period. 

How suspending a subscription works

1. Decide per product after how many outstanding invoices the connected subscription should be suspended. For example, set this to '1'.

2. A customer signs up for the product. The moment this customer has 1 outstanding invoice (and all automatic eCurring attempts have been executed), the status of the invoice will be set to 'Charged back'. This update happens every morning since that is when the banks send out a status update on the transactions.

3. Once the threshold of 1 outstanding invoice is reached, the subscription status is automatically set to 'Suspended'.

4. If a subscription gets the 'Suspended' status, all future transactions are removed. This means eCurring won't charge any transactions for suspended subscriptions.

5. Once the amount of outstanding invoices becomes less than the chosen threshold the status of the subscription will automatically be moved back to 'Active'.

6. Once the subscription is 'Active' again, eCurring will once again plan all future transactions according to the payment rules in the product. 

Important when changing the possible amount of outstanding invoices:
If you choose to update the setting of the amount of outstanding invoices at a product (even from 0 to 1), this will not be applied retroactively for current subscriptions connected to that product.

For example, if you change the setting from 3 invoices to 1 invoice, eCurring will not suspend any current subscriptions with one outstanding invoice. However, when a new outstanding invoice gets added, eCurring will check the count and then suspend the subscription accordingly. 

Change the status of a suspended subscription

The status of a suspended subscription can be adjusted in three ways:

  1. The customer pays an outstanding invoice through a payment reminder, which makes the total of outstanding invoices go below the chosen threshold. The status of the subscription is then moved back to 'Active' automatically.
  2. Through the interface
  3. Through the API

When the status of a suspended subscription changes to 'Active'

When the status of a suspended subscription moves back to 'Active', eCurring will start planning the future transactions again. For this, eCurring looks at the payment rules in the product. For example, if the rule is to process the payments on the 15th of the month and the subscription becomes active again on the 10th, the first transaction won't be processed until 5 days later.

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