Within eCurring, a subscription gets created when you connect a customer to a product. Here's an overview of the three terms:

  • Product: A product determines the price and payment terms
  • Customer: A customer has all personal details saved
  • Subscription: A subscription has a start date and can be paused, suspended, switched or cancelled. 

A subscription is connected to a maximum of 1 customer, while a product can have multiple customers connected to it (through multiple subscriptions).

A subscription within eCurring isn't necessarily limited to how the word 'subscription' is normally used. Here are some examples from subscriptions within eCurring:

  • Instalment payment for a product
  • Fixed charges for an insurance
  • A fixed service fee for a meal delivery service
  • etc

Because the word 'subscription' could scare off a customers (since one does not think of a subscription when paying off a product in instalments), we do not use this word anywhere in the communication towards customers.

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