Through the customer page, you can connect customers to a product. With this, you create a subscription on this customer. If no mandate is issued yet, we will send your customers an email or text message to do this. This is how that's done:

1. In the menu, go to 'Customers'

2. Go to the details page of the customer

You do this by clicking on the id, name or email of the customer

3. Click on 'Add subscription'

Scroll down on this page until you get to the 'Subscriptions' section. Click on the button 'Add subscription' 

4. Select a product

On this page, choose a product from the dropdown to connect to your customer. In this dropdown, you'll find a list of all products you've created. You can also choose a start date, by default this will be on today's date. If you already have a mandate from this customer, you can indicate that here and enter the mandate code.

5. Confirm

Check the data you've entered and confirm your action by saving. Please note, when you do not yet have a mandate from your customer, a message will automatically be send to them so they can issue one.

6. The subscription is created

After confirmation, the subscription is automatically created. The status of this subscription will be 'not verified' (if you did not enter a mandate code manually). This means the customer did not yet issue their mandate. Once they've done so, the status of the subscription will automatically update to 'Active' and transactions will be scheduled.

This is the message we've sent to your customer

The below email gives an example of the email we send to the customers to ask them to issue their mandate. If they click on the link, they can issue their mandate and once they've done this, the subscription gets updated to 'Active' and transactions will be created.

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