Existing customers can easily be imported into eCurring. There are two options:

Import customers without mandate

You can use this option if you already have existing customers but you do not have an accepted mandate yet from them. eCurring will automatically send a message to those customers after they've been imported, so they can easily issue their mandate. This can be done through an online payment, text message or email, depending on what you've chosen in the product.

The following steps need to be taken to import your customers without a mandate:

1. In the menu, go to 'Customers'

2. Click on Options > Import customers

3. Download the example file

Use this example file when doing an import. In this, you can find all the (required) columns needed to do the import.

4. Fill out the example file with the customers you need imported

The columns that need to be filled out are:

  • first_name required
  • middle_name
  • last_name required
  • email required
  • gender choice between m (male) or v (female)
  • bank_holder required for import where product has mandate type 'text message' or 'email'
  • IBAN without spaces, required for import where product has mandate type 'text message' or 'email'
  • telephone format +country code, for example +31612345678, required for import where product has mandate type 'text message'
  • street
  • house_number
  • house_number_add 
  • postalcode
  • city
  • country_iso2 2-lettercode
  • start_date start date subscription, format d-m-yyyy (9-4-2019)

5. Select the product they need to be connected to

In the dropdown you can choose from all created products. The customers you import will directly be connected to products, from which subscriptions are created.

6. Select the import file

Click on 'Select file' and look for the import file, this should be saved as a .csv file.

7. Upload the file

Click on 'Upload' to start the import. Our system will first check if there are any import fields that are incorrect.

7.1 Troubleshoot: there is an error in the import file

It can happen you've made a mistake in the import sheet or some of the data is incorrect. We scan the file and give you direct feedback if there's mistakes and if yes, where they are.
Are there errors found? No problem, just correct the file and try again.

8. Confirm

If all the fields are correct, we will show you a message confirming this. 

Now, click on 'import customers' to actually import them. Once the customers are imported, we'll let you know how many customers ánd subscriptions were added. This number isn't necessarily the same, since some customers might have already been in the system.

What happens after a successful import?

After a successful import, the customers are added. Then, we connect them to the product chosen in step 5. With this product we create subscriptions for the customers and correlating transactions will be planned in within 10 minutes. Once the start date has been reached, the first transaction can start getting processed.

Import customers with mandate

Do you already have an accepted mandate from your customers? In that case, we can import the customers for you. Just contact us through support@ecurring.com 

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