Through a signup form, your customers can sign up for the created products in your eCurring account. Below, we will explain how to create a subscription page.

Please note: without a product there is no way to create a signup form. Make sure to always create a product first.

Create form

Go to Signup forms in the menu and click on 'Create form' in the top right corner of the screen.

The name is for internal use only, meaning it won't be shown to your customers in any way. Choose a name that's recognisable for your and makes it clear which product is connected to it.

Just like the name, the description is for internal use only.

If you'd ever want a signup form to become temporarily unavailable, you can disable it here. When someone then clicks on the connected URL, they will see an error page. When creating a new page, you can leave the field on 'Enabled'.

Form type
Is the form meant for businesses and would you like to get their business name & VAT number? In that case, choose the option 'Business'. Those fields will then become mandatory. If you don't need that info, you can choose the option 'Consumer'.

Here, you choose the product you want to connect to this signup form from the list of your created products. When someone fills out this form, they will receive a subscription connected to the chosen product.

Once you've filled out all fields, you can save the page. In the overview of the signup forms you will now find your created form. You'll also find the URL that you can use towards your customers here.

The basics are done! You are now ready to share the page. However, you might want to do some extra adjustments to make sure the page matches your branding.

Customising the signup form

Once you've created the form, you have the option to make extra adjustments. These options can be found when editing the signup form. Just click on the pencil underneath Actions.

General (extra fields)

You'll see some more fields have shown up in the General section. We'll discuss these below.

Signup form text (Dutch/English)
Where the name and description was only used for internal purposes, is the 'signup form text' meant specifically for your customers. This text is shown on the top of the signup form and can be used to give an explanation about the product they are signing up for. Do you have Dutch speaking customers? In that case you can fill out the text in both languages.

Contact information
Here you can choose what kind of contact information is shown on the page, so customers can contact you when they have any questions. 

Next to the general fields, you can also make adjustments to the layout of the page.

Customize signup form

Background color: The background color which is shown behind the signup form.
Heading color: The color of the headers and buttons
Default text color: The color of the paragraphs
Bold text color: The colors of the names of the fields

Add signup form to your website by using an iFrame

You can choose to add the signup form on your website through an iFrame. This way, your customers will remain on your website while signing up. If you choose not to do this, your customers will be sent through to our domain (
You can specify the width and height of the iFrame here.

Google Analytics tracking code

Are you using Google Analytics and would you like to track the visits to the subscription page? Add your GA tracking code here. 

Redirect after subscription

With this option it's possible to redirect your customers to whatever webpage you chose after they've signed up for your product.

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