Through the signup form of eCurring, your customers can easily sign themselves up for your products. They can do this in multiple ways. 

Per product, you'll need to create a signup form. This is done with just a few clicks in your eCurring account. The signup form can be used in two ways. You can find these two options by editing the signup form. You do this by clicking the edit icon underneath Actions in the Signup form overview.


The most simple way to get the signup form to your customers is by using the URL, which you can share through an email, whatsapp or display on your website. By using the URL, your customers will get redirected to eCurring's domain (


Via iFrame

By using an iFrame, you can ensure your customers will remain on your website while signing up. This allows you to have full control of the branding of the page. The width and height of the form can be determined in eCurring.


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