When a (new) customer signs up for one of your products, you might want to charge them a one time administration- or registration fee. In the example below, we assume you want that fee to be charged immediately upon registration.

1. Set up a one time fee

In the first payment rule, set up a one time fee by changing the type of payment rule from ‘recurring’ to ‘once’. Then choose the amount you want the one-time fee to be.
This should look like this:

2. Set up the next payment rule however you seem fit

In the next example, we’ve set it up so the customer will start paying €50 every month.

What happens when someone signs up for this product?

When someone signs up for this product, the first transaction for €7,50 will immediately be processed. The next first of the month, the customer will be charged €50, as will happen every first of the month from that point on.

Would you prefer the recurring costs to be charged together with the one-time fee? For that you will need to set the process date on the subscription day.

Both payment rules together will look like this:

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