It’s very possible you’d like to offer a free trial period of your products or services to your customers. Only after this trial period will your customers get charged. In the example below we will set it up that your customers will get the first month free of charge, after which they will start paying €99 every quarter. 

1. Create the first payment rule for a price of €0.

We set up the first payment rule in such a way that anyone who signs up for this product will not be charged for their first month:

  • Type: recurring
  • Amount: €0.00
  • Period: monthly
  • Frequency: every month
  • Process on: subscription day
  • No. of times: 1 times

Note: even if the free period is only for the duration of one month, it is still important to select 'recurring' as the type. If set to once, the amount will be charged simultaneously with the first period of the subscription.

2. Set up the next payment rule for the recurring payment of €99 per quarter

For this second payment rule, we set up the following:

  • Type: recurring
  • Amount: €99
  • Period: monthly
  • Frequency: every 3 months
  • Process on: subscription day or a day of choice
  • No. of times: forever (when the subscription continues until cancellation)

What happens when someone signs up for this product?

When someone signs up for this product, they will not be charged for the first month. No transaction for this period will be created in eCurring. After this month, the customer will automatically be charged €99 per quarter, starting exactly one month after registration. 

Both payment rules together will look like this:

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