Connecting customers to your products can be done in different ways. There’s a manual option, your customers can do this themselves or you can automate it through an API.
Below we will discuss every possibility:

Through a subscription page

Once you’ve created your first product, you can connect it to a subscription page. For this, head over to the Subscription pages section and create a new page, selecting the desired product. A weblink will be generated that you can share with your (potential) customers.

When a customer opens this link, they will be prompted to fill in some basic details to sign up. Did you choose the online payment mandate type? In that case your customers will complete the signup by performing a payment. In case you’ve chosen the email/text message mandate, the customer will need to fill out their bank details themselves, before receiving an email to issue their mandate and complete the registration.

Add customers manually

Do you prefer to add your customers manually yourself? No problem! Just head over to the customer overview and create a new customer. 

Has this customer not yet issued a mandate? In that case you can immediately assign a product. The customer will then receive an email (or text message!) which contains a link to issue their mandate right away.

If you already have a valid mandate for this customer, you’ll need to wait with assigning a product and just add the customer first. Once that’s done, assign a subscription in the customer profile and you’ll have the option to accept the mandate and fill out the required mandate code. 

Importing your customers

You can choose to import your customers through an excel or csv file. Have your customers already issued a mandate? Send us an email at and we will take care of the import for you!

Through API

Through our API, you can create customers and assign them products right away. Read more on the technical documentation of our API here.

Through an iFrame

Would you like more control on which environment your customers will sign up for your products? This is possible by placing an iFrame on your website. Per subscription page, we deliver a piece of iFrame code that can be placed on your website. With this, you can integrate the signup form on your website, which means it’ll be on your domain. You can find the iFrame code when editing a subscription page.

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