Together with the other settings of  a product, the payment rules form the core of eCurring. With these payment rules you decide how much and when your customers have to pay you.

Below we will explain the payment rules per type of rule.


At ‘Type’, you get to choose between 3 different options. These options will show up in a dropdown by clicking on the chosen field.

  1. Once
  2. Recurring
  3. Variable


When choosing the ‘Once’ type, only the amount and VAT percentage can be chosen. 

A payment rule with the type ‘once’ will immediately be processed. However, if it’s not the first payment rule, it’ll only process once the previous payment rule has completely run its course.

Usually, the ‘once’ type is used in combination with a second, recurring payment rule. For example when wanting to charge a customer a one-time registration fee, as well as the monthly, recurring costs for the product. It’s important to remember that when there’s a one-time fee as well as a recurring payment rule (which is set to process on the day of subscription), both amounts will be processed on the same day. If you prefer to have some time in between these transactions, you can take a look at the recurring type.

When the only payment rule in a product is a one-time fee then this amount will always be processed on the subscription day. After this transaction, there won’t be any future transactions on this product. 


With the type ‘recurring’, you can make sure there will be multiple transactions over a certain period of time. The chosen amount will then be charged multiple times, based upon the choice made at Frequency and No. of times, which is explained in more detail below.


At this moment, variable amounts are only possible by using our API. For more information, check out


At amount, you can choose the price of a product. This amount is always per period, which is chosen below. If, for example, you’d like to sell a package of 500 euros, which is paid monthly over 10 months, the amount will need to be set to 50 euros. 

Next to that, you can choose if the amount is including or excluding VAT. If you enter an amount excluding VAT, the system will calculate the including VAT amount, based on the percentage chosen below.


The VAT percentage is decided here. Each country handles a different standard VAT tariff, so make sure to check this before creating the product. 


At frequency you decide in what kind of frequency the above amount should be charged. You can choose between daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Once you’ve made that choice, you get to specify it even further by choosing for example “every 6 months” or “every 14 days”.

Process on

This option makes sure you can ensure the amount is charged on a moment that fits you the most. The possibilities are depended on the choice of frequency.

  • For example, if you choose the daily frequency, processing will always happen on the subscription day and from there is decided by the chosen frequency (for example every 3 days).
  • If you choose the weekly frequency, you can choose on which day the first amount will be processed, but any following amounts will be based upon the chosen frequency (for example every 2 weeks)
  • By choosing the monthly frequency, you can choose on which day of the month the first amount will be processed and all following charges will be processed on the same day.
  • With the yearly frequency you can choose not only the day, but also the month to process. An option could be to always process a yearly charge on the 25th of May.

No. of times

With this last option, you decide how many times the chosen amount should be charged. Is the product for a set period of time? Then you can set a certain amount of times here. Or will it automatically be prolonged? In that case you can choose for “Forever”. This means that the amount will be processed with the chosen frequency up until the connected subscription of a customer will be cancelled or paused.

Please note:

  • When adding a subsequent payment rule, it will only be picked up once the rule above had completely run its course
  • Once you have connected one customer to a product, only the amount and VAT percentage can be altered. The payment rules itself cannot be changed anymore.
  • If you make a mistake while setting up the payment rules it can result in your customers being charged incorrectly. Therefore, make sure your payment rules make sense before assigning subscriptions to it.

If you have any questions regarding the payment rules, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team through or via chat.

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