eCurring is based upon the products you sell. By creating a product, you create a type of subscription your customers can sign up for. In the settings of a product you may decide the following factors:

  • What the customer is paying for (name of product)
  • How much the customer needs to pay (price)
  • When the customer needs to pay (period)
  • What kind of mandate type your customers need to accept (online payment, text message or email)
  • Which payment methods your customers can choose from (SEPA direct debit and/or credit card)
  • Whether failed payments should be retried automatically
  • Whether customers with a failed payment should receive (up to) 3 payment reminders with a payment link

Once a product is created, a signup form can be created, to ensure your customers can sign up online for your product.

Please note: In the API a product is called a 'subscription plan', which is what we used to call them in the interface before.

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